Operation & Maintenance Utilities
--Water Plants--Distribution Lines
--Storm Water--Wastewater Plants
--Natural Gas Distribution  --Collection Lines

Public Works
--Street Repairs        --Parks Maintenance
--Garbage Collection

Additional Expertise/Services
--Utility  Constructions        --Sewer TV
--Leak Detection      --Flow Monitoring
--Septic Service       --System Inspections
Established in 2005, UMG has already positioned itself as a leader in the field of contract management for public utilities. With more than 20 years of combined management experience we offer expertise in a wide range of public utilities.
Currently more than 130 employees manage plant operations, large water distribution, wastewater collection systems, and various other public works for multiple clients.
UMG is dedicated to the principles of clean water and a clean environment . We believe they are essential to a high quality of life, and consider our role in creating and maintaining your utilities a serious responsibility.

Public entities -- cities, special districts, and others -- can choose to have all or part of their utilities or public works departments managed by an independent organization. Through standard procurement procedures and negotiations with a successful bidder, the public entity enters into a management contract with a private firm to perform the scope of services the city or district has decided upon. 

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